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I am available to plan, develop, and write curriculum designed to meet the specific needs of your students.  I can also offer assistance with curriculum alignment.

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Speaking and Training

For Educators or Parents

  • Understanding DAP ~ What is it?  Why is it important?  This is helpful  for learning environments who feel pressure from families to meet specific academic benchmark.
  • Positive GuidanceGuiding children’s behavior can be challenging for educators and parents.  This session will help participants focus on ways to encourage and strengthen positive behaviors, ways to prevent misbehavior, and how to redirect and manage misbehavior when it does occur.  

For Educators

  • Interactive Read-Alouds:  Make Story Time Come Alive ~ In this training session, educators will learn why Interactive Read-Alouds are the best way to build comprehension, vocabulary, and active involvement in early childhood learning environments. Using Interactive Read-Alouds in dual language environments will also be addressed.  Participants will learn how to plan, conduct, and follow-up an Interactive Read-Aloud.
  • Promoting Early Literacy ~ Educators will learn how to foster the development of emergent literacy skills during story time and play. Each emergent literacy skill will be described and modeled.  Information and helpful tips for Preschool Teachers, as well as Infant-Toddler teachers, is provided.

I am more than happy to speak or prepare in-service training sessions on topics that meet the needs of your program.  Please contact me to schedule a time to talk.


*Opening a brand-new preschool?  I can answer your questions and help you get started planning.
*Seeking NAEYC accreditation?  I can simplify and streamline the process.
*Having a difficult time retaining staff?  I can help identify obstacles and find solutions.
*Need an observation/evaluation system for your staff?  I can help you create and implement one based on your particular school’s needs.


I have had experience in a variety of child care roles (preschool teacher, mentor teacher, curriculum coordinator, director, evaluator, and parent).  These experiences have given me insight into the issues often faced by program directors.  Whether you are a child care center, private preschool program, or faith based center, I can offer you administrative support, as well as training for staff members and workshops for parents.

I am available for monthly or quarterly visits.

Contact me to schedule a time to talk and design a package of consulting services to best meet the needs of your program.

For inquiry questions, please email me at  I will email you back to schedule a time that we can FaceTime of Skype to discuss dates, rates, and logistics. 




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